TLI Science Program

The science program at TLI assesses students in grades 3-8 and Biology.  Each assessment includes up to 20 multiple-choice items and an open-response question.  TLI provides up to four assessments in grades 3 and 4 and up to six assessments in grades 5-8 and Biology each academic year.

TLI’s elementary science program allows districts to utilize resources created and approved by the curriculum specialists for grades K-4.  While there are no assessments given in grades K-2, teachers can be comfortable in knowing that all Arkansas Science Frameworks have been taught for the grade level if following the TLI resources.  The elementary program is designed around thematic units within the Arkansas Science Frameworks.  Alignment for grades 3 and 4 is based on these units.

TLI’s secondary science program also includes resources created and approved by the curriculum specialists for grades 5-8 and Biology.  The resources are grouped by unit topics and enhance the curriculum found in textbooks by incorporating web-based videos, lab activities, and additional supporting references.  Alignment for grades 5-8 and Biology is based on the Arkansas Science Curriculum Frameworks.

All science items are approved for content and standard correlation by TLI curriculum specialists.  We do not use released items from Arkansas or other states, since doing so would severely impact the reliability and validity of the assessment system. In order to keep costs to a minimum for our districts, TLI does not release science items to quiz builder.