SPOT Reports

SPOT Reports provide an easy way to identify trends in combined population student achievement scores on the Arkansas Benchmark and End-of-Course exams.

TLI offers these reports as a free public resource.

Download the tutorials for accessing the SPOT Reports for the Benchmark Grades 3-8 or the End-of-Course exams by selecting the appropriate link.  After viewing the tutorials, you can access the SPOT Reports below by clicking on the logo.


Important Information About SPOT Reports

SPOT Reports are available for Arkansas Benchmark Examinations and Arkansas End-of-Course Examinations taken by students since the 2004 – 2005 school year.  All reports are for Combined Population, meaning that all students who moved into a district or a school after October 1 the year the test was administered are not included in the data.

Data was obtained from the Arkansas Department of Education website at

Reports may contain data from schools that did not have students enrolled in the grade levels tested in specific years.  This means that some school reports will not have data for all grades in all years.  The reports may also include data from districts and schools that are no longer in operation due to consolidation or reorganization.

The Learning Institute observes the Arkansas Department of Education minimum group size reporting limits.  This means that districts or schools with less than 10 students tested on any assessment during any year are not reported to protect the confidentiality of student achievement information.

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