Professional Development

TLI offers a range of professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators.  Trainings and workshops vary in focus from web portal procedures and TLI reports to improving instructional strategies.  We provide trainings at the TLI office and at several regional locations across the state during the academic year.  TLI can also provide customized training for a district.  At times, TLI publishes webinar trainings and presentations on the web portal for districts to access any time.

All new districts receive teacher training to prepare teachers for the interim assessment process.  This hands-on training focuses on accessing reports that are imperative to a successful implementation of TLI during year one.  Once districts have received the basic teacher training, they have the option of attending any of the curriculum-based or advanced reports trainings.  Professional development sessions are often offered multiple times during the year to allow districts the opportunity to attend when it best fits the district schedule.

With the release of the Common Core State Standards, TLI has created sessions to help districts with the integration of the new standards.

Examples of PD Topics include:

  • TLI Teacher Training
  • Processes and Procedures
  • Basic Reports
  • Advanced Reports
  • Using Data to Guide Math Instruction
  • Common Core Math Content Exploration
  • Scoring Open-Ended Literacy Items
  • Teaching Writing through the Rhetorical Modes
  • Progression in Science Key Concepts for Middle School
  • Biology Content Training Sessions