Curriculum Alignment

TLI believes that teachers and students should never be surprised by what they find on the interim assessments we provide.  TLI’s goal is to ensure that district administrators, principals, teachers, and students know the skills taught and assessed in the classroom at all times.

Therefore, curriculum alignment is the first – and perhaps most important – step in the continuous improvement model.  TLI works closely with districts to develop a clear, concise “roadmap” that links learning expectations taught in the classroom to the items on interim assessments.  While alignment for each subject area is slightly different, the primary goal is for districts to begin the school year with a curriculum map in place that is aligned to the standards. 

The curriculum maps are unique to each district.  While TLI may provide guidance and support during the alignment process, all decisions are made by district representatives.  Each district has the option of determining how many assessments will be given for each grade per academic year and which standards will be tested on those assessments.  And, since alignment is reviewed annually, districts have the ability to adjust their curriculum map from year to year.