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Model Literacy Unit Preview

The Learning Institute (TLI) is pleased to offer Model Literacy Units in 2012-13. Based on the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) Model Content Frameworks, the TLI units are designed to facilitate full implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in the classroom. The units focus instruction on one anchor text that is supported by a TLI Core Reading Guide (CRG) and several shorter texts that are supported by a TLI Related Readings Instructional Guide (RRIG). Both the TLI Core Reading Guide and the Related Readings Instructional Guide include a variety of student reading and writing activities integrating the anchor text and the related selections.

The Model Literacy Units are designed to cover approximately seven weeks of instruction. Each TLI Model Literacy Unit allows approximately one week of instruction per section of the Core Reading Guide that supports the anchor text in the unit. Recommended timeframes are given for any background and supporting materials as well as the Related Readings in the Related Readings Instructional Guide. While a summary and purpose for reading are provided for all resources in a the RRIG, full instructional support, including Student Activities and Assessment (SAS) pages, are included only for each of the five Related Readings. (NOTE: The approach in each instructional unit may vary somewhat according to the content of each CRG that supports the anchor text as well as the types of shorter texts included in the RRIG.)

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Model Literacy Unit Overview

TLI's Core Reading Guide for The Great Fire

TLI's Related Readings Guide for The Great Fire

TLI Adding Online Assessment Option for 2012-2013

Beginning in the 2012-2013 school year, TLI member districts will have the option of administering the TLI Interim Assessments online. The addition of this option will include flexibility to use a combination of the new online assessments and the barcoded answer documents currently in use. This flexibility allows districts to take advantage of their current technology resources while minimizing disruptions in the normal school schedule.

At this time, online assessments will only include the multiple-choice portion of the assessment. Open response and constructed response items will continue to be administered and scored using the current method. TLI will release a FAQ regarding this new functionality on the announcements section of the portal.

This option will be available at no additional cost to current member districts.