About TLI


The Learning Institute is dedicated to helping school districts improve the academic achievement of all students.  The Learning Institute’s continuous improvement model includes examining and aligning curriculum, teaching and assessing curriculum, reviewing assessment data, and taking action based on results.  The Learning Institute’s three-pronged approach to incorporate this model includes providing meaningful assessments, reporting services, and staff development for administrators and teachers to make key decisions about curriculum and instruction.

TLI provides interim assessments in mathematics, literacy, and science.  Our assessments help to determine strengths and weaknesses in curriculum and student knowledge.  TLI  provides immediate feedback through a variety of reporting services on a web portal so teachers and administrators can take the “academic pulse” of their classrooms and schools on a daily basis.

The Learning Institute curriculum staff works closely with member districts throughout this continual process.  Our curriculum staff is comprised of individuals that have all worked in the classroom and know first-hand what it takes to be a successful educator. 

TLI provides exceptional curriculum support, professional development opportunities, and intervention strategies to encourage best practices in all classrooms to benefit all students.